Black Brick Vase


This piece definitely has more of a feeling of a deep dark well to it, but I love how those red Carnations are exploding up into the sky. They also remind me of weeds coming out the cracks of a long neglected sidewalk.

I’m enjoying getting to know flowers better through this work. I’ve always appreciated them, but never took the time to really learn what makes them all unique. I’ve been buying a few types of Carnations lately. 

I think the appreciation of flowers I definitely get from my mom who’s always had a green thumb and a garden. She’s my resident expert when I need to identify ones I don’t know (which are a lot right now, lol).

I like keeping it simple. I look at some the amazing florists around with awe at how they combine plants and flowers into an organic fireworks display or a hushed beautifully overgrown garden. The song ‘Baby Be Simple’ by Feist is my mantra right now.

Derric Eady