Brick Vase


With this piece I’m continuing my obsession with bricks and the DeChiro towers you’ll see in a lot of his paintings. 

I made this work by hand by extruding long pieces of clay and then slicing them up into small bricks with a cheese slicer. I use another clay as the mortar, which creates a nice contrast with this one. I like the look of the clay being pushed out. If you’ve ever seen the other side of a brick wall they’ll look like this, or I’ve seen it used as an aesthetic choice for small pillars for gates around houses.

These pieces take hours to make, and I’m not particularly efficient at it. When some people see me working on them they think I’m crazy for doing something so tedious. I get it, for some this would be a special kind of torture, but for me it’s more of a meditation. Sometimes a way of keeping anxiety at bay, or other times for letting my mind wander - or both.

I love what I read about the philosopher Spinoza and his profession of grinding glass for long periods of time to make precision optics for microscopes and telescopes. What better way to ponder the universe than to do something so tedious that it creates a playground for the mind.

Derric Eady