Large Ruby Brick Vase


This piece took a bit of time to make. Not only is each brick placed individually, each one is glazed by hand. What struck me with this piece when I finished it, is the role color theory plays. That small sliver of white on each brick changes the color of the red and the red color in close proximity to the brown clay between the bricks adds to the dynamic as well. 

Also you’ll notice this is the only one so far where the bricks extend all the way to the bottom of the piece. The others sit on one piece of clay the same thickness as the bricks. I like to think of it as if this whole structure were cut straight from where it was standing, ground and all. 

I played with that idea further in the Tall Brick Base. It’s hard to tell, but the base piece it sits on is a different clay and color than the bricks or the clay I used as the mortar (so to speak). While that’s kind of a really minor detail, Deady’s all over that. I ❤️attention to detail even when rougher or “sloppy” work / aesthetics are used. Artists like Jason Rhoades come to mind who pull this off because of the specificity of the things he uses in his work. I feel one small detail about a work can separate the good from the bad and the truly great. I’m not tooting my own horn here ☺️, just trying to convey that it’s something I think about a lot when I look at work or while making my own. For me, it’s not in the details, it IS the details!

Derric Eady