To me the Mario allusion is obvious. It is the same pipe on both ends, but they exist in two separate worlds. Again, playing with an unglazed Bee Mix clay and leaving in the rough bits. You’ll even see on one end an air bubble that blew out in the clay when I was extruding it. I’m still working with the aesthetic of the material.

I like experimenting. I used not understand artists who worked in series, or multiples on the same idea or theme. I thought it was too contrived by exploiting one idea and stretching it over many pieces. Once I matured a little more, I started to realize if you don’t play with an idea, how could you ever get to your 4th iteration and create something interesting? If you didn’t work through the idea with 1,2, & 3 would you have ever gotten there? Probably not. To me this makes the case for making work and just pushing ahead. That little seed of an idea can grow to something great if it’s just nurtured enough.

Derric Eady