Tall Brick Vase


I enjoy the height of this piece. People have mentioned seeing these as chimneys, or underground wells. I like both thoughts. Instead of smoke, there’s a bloom, and at the bottom of that well is water feeding the flower, for a time.

An idea that comes to my mind with these vase pieces is could these exist as both sculpture and pottery? Should I create with that in mind as well as the particular flowers used? It’s interesting to me to think of the flower as a sculpture object, a material to work with that has its own properties to consider. One of the many things on my list to do is learn more about their own unique personalities.

Also there’s the tactile quality. It’s nice to hold in the hand or run your finger over those bumpy ridges. I take pains to make sure there are no sharp edges to poke unsuspecting fingers. One of the things I love about pottery is that you can touch it, which makes it a particularly unique art form to me. I love the intimacy it brings and that the feeling of a piece in your hand can be a considered aesthetic in its making.

Derric Eady